Eagle Attacks, Carries Off Bear Cub

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AP - Wildlife experts were stunned this week to see an eagle attack and carry off a bear cub in view of its mother. The Norwegian Institute for Nature Research said it had not been able to find any other such attack documented anywhere.

Yogi Bear[Via Yahoo! News - Oddly Enough]\

Memorial services for young BooBoo will be held tomorrow 10AM at the ranger station despite the fact that his body has yet to be recovered.

Yogi Bear was visibly distraught at this unfortunate turn of events. “Hey Boo Boo! Where are you?!” he was heard to say as he stole yet another picnic basket to console himself. Despite his shaken state, he will attend the memorial services.

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    mh August 7th, 2006

    Are you sure this is right? Could it have been that bear from the Hofmeister Ads that everybody was encouraged to follow ? If this is a leg-pull then you have got a bear faced cheek. I can't bear it. Until this is confirmed there will be no boo-hoo for Boo-Boo.