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“Unfortunately, the regular expression language is no different from any other in that it has various dialects and accents” – Masting Regular Expressions, Jeffrey E. F. Friedl

So I know this is basically the geek equivalent to those cheesy email surveys that go around asking you to answer a bunch of questions about yourself and then send the questionnaire and your answers to all your friends, but I have to participate anyways. I found this meme going in a blog entry that asks you to do the following:

Grab the nearest book. Open the book to page 23. Find the fifth sentence. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

So there you go. I admit, I don’t have every arcane rule of regular expressions in my head. I often refer to the \^(1+)$ times a day. It is truly the [A-Za-z] of regular expressions.

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    Koba April 20th, 2004

    "For the rest, I confess to you that, although I myself often take a certain personal delight in the mere subtleties of speculation, although I also enjoy at times the miserliness which makes the professional student hoard up the jewels of reflection for the sake of gloating over their mere hardness and glitter, I find always that when I come to think of the thing fairly, there is, after all, no beauty in a metaphysical system, which does not spring from its value as a record of a spiritual experience."

    -- The Spirit of Modern Philosophy, by Josiah Royce

    I just transcribe them, I don't explain them.