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9 responses

  1. Avatar for Jubei
    Jubei May 9th, 2004

    Best Music Video Ever !!!

  2. Avatar for May 11th, 2004

    william hung video

  3. Avatar for Biggest fan!!!!
    Biggest fan!!!! May 11th, 2004

    Best music i have ever herd in weeks good job keep it up!!

  4. Avatar for Jason
    Jason June 1st, 2004

    It rocks

  5. Avatar for Liky
    Liky June 8th, 2004

    Yucky! Bad music videio I ever heard and seen.

  6. Avatar for Kristen
    Kristen May 1st, 2005

    I love it! It rocks my socks

  7. Avatar for nadia
    nadia June 1st, 2005

    you rock totally! i am your #1 fan and i enjoy she bangs alot! i mean it from the bottom of my heart!

  8. Avatar for addie
    addie June 1st, 2005

    you are sexy!

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