We're Homeowners!

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It’s finally official. We are legally, emotionally, officially, proud owners of a townhouse style condo. For you non-LA people, I could buy a 5 bedroom estate in Anchorage, Alaska for what we’re paying. Heck, I could buy a 5 bedroom house in Seattle or Portland.

But what that gets us in L.A. is a two bedroom, 2.5 bath 1000 sq ft town house condo.

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  1. Avatar for Adam Kinney
    Adam Kinney April 9th, 2004

    Congratulations! May your L.A. 1000 sq feet, be the best 1000 sq feet ever :)

  2. Avatar for Ben Lucas
    Ben Lucas April 19th, 2004

    I can attest to the fact that homes are more expensive in Los Angeles. Erika and I just bought a home in Portland. 2800 sq ft. 243K.

    But, you have to live with the fact that it's in Portland..... ;) Just kidding, we love Portland.

    As they say, location is everything, and you really pay for the location down here.