With the news that we are about to be home owners, Kyle’s comment was

Now you are a homeowner. Commence reproduction cycle.

Akumi and I have both agreed we would’t start the baby making aparatus until we have a place. Now that we have a place, we’re not ready to start that cycle just yet. She just recently found her calling and is interested in getting that career off the block.

Pattern Making. Everybody in the L.A. fashion world wants to be a clothing designer. It’s the hip thing to do.

Why yes, I’m an aspiring actor, a budding screenwriter, and on the side I have my own label. Now may I take your order?

Many designers don’t know squat about actually putting clothes together. Every one of them needs pattern makers to take their designs and put them onto paper. Really, it’s just like the being an architect for the fashion world. The designer is really more like a GUI designer, asking for this and that. The pattern maker takes that information and creates a pattern which is analagous to a software specification. That specification can then be used to actually make the clothes in question. Apparently Pattern Makers are in hot demand here.