What would you do if you won the lottery?

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I was thinking about this question after reading an article in a magazine about setting goals. The article had four steps for setting goals, and six steps for meeting them. Included were your usual tips for visualizing your goal, writing it down, and making a plan of action to meet the goal.

The article made a good point to imagine how meeting the goal will make you feel. Will it make you happier? The article then went into a discourse on me… or rather dreamers. Those people who sit around dreaming about meeting goals, but not doing anything about it.

So that got me thinking. I’m very good at thinking about what I would do if I ever won the lottery. But what would I REALLY do? I can’t constantly travel, backpack, mountain bike, party, play soccer for the rest of my life (but I’m sure I could make a good faith effort).

Here are the things that came to mind:

  • Travel big time
  • Go on outdoor adventures and backpacking trips
  • Buy a nice house
  • Buy a really nice car
  • Get in shape via a personal trainer
  • Eat healthy with a cook/dietician
  • Read a lot of books
  • Work on open source projects and write lots of interesting code
  • Learn to produce music on the computer
  • Learn photography
  • Live up to my name through Philanthropy

And the list goes on and on. The point of this excercise is to ask myself, if these are the things that would make me happy, what’s stopping me from doing them right now? The answer is that nothing is stopping me. I don’t need to wait to win the lottery (which will happen I tell you!). In fact, I’m already doing all these things to one degree or another.

Granted, I have a lot less time and resources to accomplish these things. Since I have to pay the bills with a J-O-B (and since I have a nasty habit of needing 8 to 9 hours of sleep a night), I can only devote a small portion of my time to Philanthropy (because you knew that’s what I do in my spare time, didn’t you. Didn’t you?). Thus I have to settle for a less nice house, a less nice car, less time to go to the gym, etc…

Now before you go off thinking “What a freakin’ whiner!”, I’m not writing this as a “woe is me” diatribe. My point is that I am very fortunate to live in a time and place where I can meet all my goals (though not as fully as I may wish) without winning the lottery or selling my firstborn. But in order to do that in a more fulfilling manner, it’s important to reflect on what more specifically are my goals and why would they bring me fulfillment and then make a plan.

So what would YOU do if you won the lottery? Discuss amongst yourselves and comment!

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    e March 11th, 2004

    You may need this if you do win:


  2. Avatar for Koba
    Koba March 27th, 2004

    Finally take over the world...

  3. Avatar for marie
    marie March 10th, 2005

    defeat my enemies...lol

  4. Avatar for Maryann
    Maryann March 11th, 2005

    spend all the money as fast as i can ...

    because who knows what tomorrown will bring...

  5. Avatar for Ahmad
    Ahmad April 21st, 2005

    I would give half of it to charity and to my poor relatives, then i would put it in the bank and live off the interest and never work again.

  6. Avatar for A.f
    A.f May 2nd, 2005

    I would buy all posible bussiness there is and ged richer. Buy a lot of land , gas stations, open new gyms and make more money not spend it in one day and than go broke.

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    BABYCAKES May 8th, 2005


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    CHRISTINA May 21st, 2005


  9. Avatar for Phyllis
    Phyllis June 1st, 2005

    Even just the dream makes me feel better; if only for a short while! First I would show my gratitude to those members of my family which have shown me great support during the times of my cancer and then divorce by paying off their mortgages or giving them enough cash to buy a home. I would love homes on the coast of both the Atlantic and Pacific; large enough for family and friends to visit. I would take everyone on a cruise with me, make sure my grandchildren have enough for college and my grown children if they want to further their education or buy businesses. I really liked that idea of a personal trainer!

  10. Avatar for Kurt from belgium
    Kurt from belgium June 3rd, 2005

    If I won a million euros, the first thing I would do after screaming and shouting is buy an average house with a big garden and a swimming pool.Inside the house it will be like a luxury house with a jacuzzi, a lot of computers, a little cinema with a bar were you can have many candy and drinks.

    Also I will buy a dreamcar a very cool and fast car like a ferari, a lamborgihni or an aston martin.I will buy also a lot of clothes, a new gsm and a kitchen with a lot of food inside the fridge. The rest of my money I will put it on the bank and hopely it bring up.

  11. Avatar for Tessa
    Tessa June 15th, 2005

    If I won the lottery, I would buy my younger brother a new home with a couple of acres where he could keep his goats. I am sure that he would love that too much. Then I would see to it that my older sister had the medical help she THINKS she needs. After that i would breathe easier because then I could devote myself to doing what I truely love to do. Help women become healthier with nutrition & exercise.

  12. Avatar for kev
    kev June 18th, 2005

    i would buy swindon town football club and take them back to the prem . and pissup the rest /women /house/hols . fun fun in the sun

  13. Avatar for Zora
    Zora June 19th, 2005

    Well, firstly after yelling and screaming with joy and confusion and saying thank you god a million times, I would buy a really nice house and have it nicely decorated like those on the movie 'extreme makeover'. My home will have a movie theater cos i love movies, I am also a playstation and pc game freak so I will have the latest games and the most high tech of computers. I would buy my mum, dad and younger brother a really nice big house, and buy my parents some rental properties so they can stop working as they are really stressed out and need a break.

    I would give some cash to my brothers who are living overseas so they can enjoy their ventures alot more, and I would buy my nanna and grandad a nice homeand my partners nana and grandad a nice home also. I would buy a lambourghini for my self and a dodge viper for my partner.

    With the money left I would most definately invest and set up trusts and a will to protect our winnings so they go to our two children (one who is currently an expectant baby) and adopted children which I would love to have too.

    I would also donate money to those in need, something I would love to do but I am too poor :(

  14. Avatar for rob
    rob March 30th, 2006

    this is no jokes what i would do:
    build a luxurious 5 star resort on the coast of Mexico's beautiful Los Cabos.
    Then, i would quit my job, live on-site, drink all day, and drive around in a golf cart saying hi to all my guests and employees and being the coolest manager ever. Also, i'd tip my employees hundred dollar bills, and id wear silly golf attire and be a goofy frat boy again!

  15. Avatar for tr0n
    tr0n April 6th, 2006

    Honestly, I would blow a lot of it off trying to have fun. I doubt I would even get laid because I am such a looser. I would also pay off my debt.

  16. Avatar for mark
    mark April 22nd, 2006

    kick my misses out the house
    go back to being free & single .get an account & lawer .make sure my family are sorted .buy in big house in country .nice car ,holiday home in south of france then spend the rest of my time playing golf,smoking and growing my howngrown weed....

  17. Avatar for Benjamin Williams
    Benjamin Williams May 15th, 2006

    Well I have read most of the comments here. It's unlikely that many of you know the value of 1 million pounds. It definitely will NOT be enough for you to build a resort somewhere. I am a past winner of the lottery and the first thing I did was to buy a new house and 2 cars. After that I realised that money was being spent so quickly that it was just vanishing. So I employed a personal accountant who's now also my financial consultant. I started investing in the stock market, and got lucky on a couple of 10 baggers. Now I own one of the companies I invested in (Afren plc). I highly recommend investing in the stock market before it's too late.

  18. Avatar for tg-stev
    tg-stev May 21st, 2006

    Take care of my family and all I love...help them by relieving them of the stress of financial burden...invest to assure my childrens well being, give to my favorite charities...and yes continue to work every day...

  19. Avatar for TSS
    TSS June 9th, 2006

    If I won the lottery,I would pay for all the people who have already written quotes here.
    Then they could all go back to school and learn how to spell and proper punctuation.LMFAO!

  20. Avatar for Lottery Winner?
    Lottery Winner? June 30th, 2006

    I would hire a laywer and financial planner, from a blind trust before I collected the money. Also a security company and change my phone number.
    Anyone who came asking for money from me just because I happened to win the lottery and they heard about it would be refused no matter if their need or cause was legitimate. They would not get one dime whatsoever.
    Anyone wanting a business venture capital would be out of luck to because I have my own ideas on businesses that I would start as time went by too many to list here.
    House and property would be paid off...... and spend a bit of time indulging after most was put into investments to gain more cash to put into action my plans for businesses I would want to start eventually and those would be started as situations allowed.
    I wouldn't be giving huge sums to friends and family..... nope not at all..... cos most were not their for me when I needed stuff. Yeah at one time I had to eat in soup kitchen's and work at labour ready and no one was helping me out. F**k them.
    If I do help out people or charities it would be on my own terms... and I will repeat now. Any charity or person coming to me and askig me for cash will be turned down regardless of their need....... no exceptions.
    For all you all know I could already have won the lottery and that is why I am looking up "You've just won the lottery now what?"....... so if any of you chairty folks out there are reading this remember this that lottery winners don't want you harassing them and some won't give you a dime of their winnings......

  21. Avatar for jo
    jo July 25th, 2006

    help those who cant pay their medical bills and invest in a solution for better world wide health care

  22. Avatar for Bob Anderson
    Bob Anderson August 3rd, 2006

    first thing i would do, is arrange for a bank account just for this money alone, i would want Annuity, to ensure i do not go wild and spend it all.
    I would give my parents a heck of a nice retirement fund (100k)a year, they had done so much for me and it would put my mind at ease finanically and medically speaking and lots of fun.
    Being a nice brother i am, i would arrange for my siblings, to recieve small(75k) yearly payments, providing they stay out of jail, and drugs.
    any members in my family wishing they can go to college, will recieve funds, and if the grades are really great, nice spring breaks.
    i would set up a investment fund, to ensure we would be set after the lottery payments ended.
    charities, well GOD help me win, so i would do my bit for man kind. food and medicine for starving and deprived children, cancer fund, and an animal shelter.
    As for my self, i want a small farm with a river or a pond in it for myself and my dogs. maybe 2 nice vacations a year. I would be happy to recieve 100k a year for myself, and invest and do all the things above.

  23. Avatar for bernadette
    bernadette August 14th, 2006

    i will help the homless and the sick i will love to by my mother nice house and bye her a nice car and help my other family also to and that my sweet soul i love helper every one out and play all my bill off and my mother bill to .and i will put the rest in the bank paid my .

  24. Avatar for Julie
    Julie August 18th, 2006

    I would deposit equal shares into my families accounts or get them new accounts full of the cash - so they don't know it's me and can't keep bugging for more cash, play along like the same happened to me. Then the usual - quit my 9 - 5, learn a language, learn wood working or authentic Thai cooking or something... donate my new found time to a charity, travel - read... learn race car driving... rock climbing... have clean sheets every day...

  25. Avatar for Scott
    Scott August 19th, 2006

    I would tithe ten percent @ the pre-tax rate to my church and my father's church.
    Then, I have a designated amount going to twenty people close to me.
    Next, I will put all my cash into a CD, take a leave of absence from work, contact a financial planner, a lawyer, change my address to a P. O. Box number; remembering not to use a "change of address" notification through the USPS, for, they sell information for commercially-related matters.
    During the leave of absence, I will practice isolation and maintaining that my announcement concerning my financial gains not be necessary.
    Oh, by the way, if I am divorced I would get an agreement prepared with my "ex" which stipulates not to pursue me should I win a lottery.
    Don't forget to thank the Almighty for your new income. Plus, ask Him to give you guidance to make the correct decisions to make your windfall last.

  26. Avatar for Mark
    Mark September 1st, 2006

    I would set up a blind trust to claim the winnings, get a financial planner, get things set up, not telling anyone other than the planner and my lawyer. I would get my prize, invest it, open several bank accounts and give notice at work (as if I was looking for work elsewhere). I would not tell anyone except maybe my parents. My aunts have done a good job at alienating my immediate family from the rest of the family, so I would take great pleasure in telling family exactly where to go if word ever got out. I would take college courses in different areas than I got my Master's in, maybe drama! I would definitely travel a lot more, and give generously to the local animal shelters. I would also invest in a top-of-line security and surveillance system of my house and environs. I would get an unlisted number. I would not get a boat/expensive car/second house/plane or any of the other trappings that wealthy people seem to need to surround themselves with. I would probably get a nice, big-screen TV for the living room. I would set up a trust so that my neice could go to the college of her choice without worrying about cost.

  27. Avatar for pam
    pam September 10th, 2006

    i will buy thing i could for my kids 4 take a trip i alway want to go give chuch some money first

  28. Avatar for claire
    claire September 13th, 2006

    run away with it all in a bag!!!!!

  29. Avatar for diana
    diana September 13th, 2006

    I would buy a Livery Farm with hotel on site, run a business for Horse holidays with riding schools, gym and sauna, swimming pool and free riding for disabled children. I would also set up an account for my 5 children for their college/university fees. I would hire a limo to collect my personnal belongings from my old small house to p**s off my ex-neighbours (lmfao). Employ some rather nice hunky men to help in the stables, hotel, gym, swimming pool MMMMMMMMMM. shop shop shop and more shopping.

  30. Avatar for Dan
    Dan September 28th, 2006

    PAY OFF THE BILLS, GET A CUSTOM BIKE (can you say "OCC"), BUY A BIG PICKUP (CRX!!), AND BUILD THE HOUSE I'VE ALWAYS WANTED (huge and in the middle of nowhere with a tall fence)!!!!
    All that wouldn't take too long, so then I'd start taking care of those who've taken care of my family & I over the years: Parents, Brother, & friends!
    I'd pay back my parents and my in-laws by either outright giving them a huge lump sum or by buying them each their choice of retirement property (whether it be land & house, or whether it be an RV, houseboat, etc).
    Then I'd buy my brother a custom chopper so we could tour the country together on our Hogs, and his own big rig so he could stop driving for everyone else and drive for himself (if he still wanted to work after I made a rich man out of him, too).
    I'd work all this in with some donations to Church & Charity, though I'm not sure which ones I'd give to (wouldn't be very many, just the ones that have something to do with stuff that's happened in my life; for example, a lymphoma research company would get some so they could help prevent deaths such as happened to my brother-in-law).
    I'd follow all that up by helping out as many of my friends as I could; that is, the deserving ones that have helped me out over the years. Although that could turn out to be a LOOOOOONG list, I'd do what I could.
    Then I'd bank the rest and live off the interest and start a few college funds for the kids (mine and maybe some friends kids).
    Travel up north and see all my cousins, aunts, & uncles that I haven't been able to visit since I was a teenager; tour the country in an RV; finally build my dream model railroad; complete my coin collection.....
    It'll probably never happen, but I can sure dream, can't I?

  31. Avatar for Mr. Black
    Mr. Black October 2nd, 2006

    Putit all in a bag, clime the Rmpire State Building and drop the money (but not the bag) and get some mates to see everybody's faces as they see the money.. he he he

  32. Avatar for what we all should do
    what we all should do October 3rd, 2006

    Here's what I would do and you may want to copy and paste this....DONT sign the lottery ticket. make 6 copies of ticket at kinkos when no one is looking. open a safe deposit box at my bank and take several papers their so as not to let tellers see what I am putting in my safe deposit box. I would go to thet largest law firm in my state,why? well because you know if they're the largest law firm in your state then you know that they are the most reputable. I will ask to speak to the partners or jr partners, and either have them reccommend their best lawyers or deal with my case directly. Once thats settled we get a blind trust, so I can claim money anonymously. Pay off all bills and debt. Set up a will and trust for tax purposes with the help of lawyers and accountants and law firm. ALSO, strategize business and investments with the firm.Relax. Splurge a little......
    Buy me a tax lien or forclosed condo out santa barbara california,buy a salvaged rolls royce and restore it with a GM engine. a Roadtrek 210 RV, and buy my mom tax lien or forclosed house. Total splurge bill estimate $1,000,000. Everything else is tied up in businesses.
    Ultimate goal would be to find me my wonder woman and live in costa rica like a king.

  33. Avatar for Baron Von
    Baron Von October 13th, 2006

    I'd get a thinner, better looking woman. I'd leave my wife and try to hook up with a cousin of hers.

  34. Avatar for Eveline
    Eveline October 20th, 2006

    I'm 17 and have a lot of dreams but have not enough money to implement them. So if I won a lottey I would buy my parents a nice house in another country, pay off my and my uncle's bills, give some money on charity, i would run away from Poland to another country (USA, England or New Zeeland) and go there to school and study there. I love animals so I would give some money to animal shelter. I would also go travelling around the world... India, China, Russia, Germany, France etc. :) :) I would take my family from Poland and live with them in countries i've already written.

  35. Avatar for Garry
    Garry October 21st, 2006

    That is too cool. I created the same post because I wanted to find out what people would buy after winning the lotto. It is fun to discover what the different items people are interested in.
    For me, its really hard to say all the things I would buy. I know I would want a new house, car, and computer... I am pretty sure that I would buy a lot of technology products... but who knows.
    If you would like to read my article and view the things my viewers said they would purchase, I want to invite you to read it and tell everyone what you would purchase after winning the lotto!
    Take care,

  36. Avatar for Lisa
    Lisa October 26th, 2006

    i would spend the money on a sex shop something like anne summers because thats good buisness and buy a car but give it to like aids and cancer and other charities....

  37. Avatar for DJ
    DJ December 8th, 2006

    I would have a heart attack and the money would be given to someone else in my family.... Now thats no fun is it

  38. Avatar for Bill
    Bill December 10th, 2006

    If I won the lottery, I would probably not live much differently than I am now. Perhaps a tad better, probably buy a house on a lake for the summer's and buy a few small business's, create a small business empire, and never have to work for the 'MAN' again.

  39. Avatar for pp
    pp December 12th, 2006

    what i would do with a lottery win depends largely on HOW MUCH i win. so, if it were a huge amount, i'd be able to set up a trust for my mom, my son, my sister and take care of friends.
    after hiring the attorney, setting up the blind trust and pay off all debt and figuring out what type of financial lifestyle i realistically can deal with then i'd do the fun stuff:
    get a big house built in the country, in toronto, london, japan, and france. travel like crazy until i couldn't stand it, attend all the film festivals, learn to cook gourmet, open a restaurant, invest my money, live quietly and happy.

  40. Avatar for Shawn
    Shawn December 20th, 2006

    Thank God first, and then stick to a a financial plan to ensure that I would live comfortably for the rest of my life.

  41. Avatar for MIke
    MIke December 22nd, 2006

    I would probably wait a few mounths before claiming it, so that way I dont think irrationally and end up doing somthing really stupid with the money.
    When I do claim it, I would split half of the winnings formyself then the other half to my family and charity. Since I love to travel most of my money would prababy go there. I would also get a financial advisor to help me mangae my winnings.

  42. Avatar for Bob
    Bob December 29th, 2006

    I would spend it all on booze and hookers.

  43. Avatar for Gregory
    Gregory January 6th, 2007

    I would concur with the author of the article by saying that the lottery for me would ultimately lead to more time learning and basically doing what I want. I feel that too many people in this day and age spend too much of their time just trying to get by. Working just so that they can put food on the table and have a roof over their head. What a terrible way to live. What a waste of a life. I don't want to live like that.

    So the lottery to me would be something that frees up my time to live life the way I would want. The author although brings up a good point in that regardless of where you are in life we can do what we want to do, although at a much lesser degree than if money wasn't a limiting factor. But we can do certain things and many people do. For me this is where my energies would focus after winning the lottery:

    1.) Pay off all personal debts

    2.) Ccncentrate on my physical health (personal trainer, good food, doctors visits, etc), ...i've neglected all of this because of lack of money

    -My life wouldn't change any really other a few basic areas like this. Probably spend alot more time reading. If I were to endulge myself I probably take a cruise around the world or maybe I would just go live in some far away spot in the mountains. The thought of winning the lottery is an encouraging thought for all of us because in some ways it is a sort of ticket to freedom. Have a good day.

  44. Avatar for shari
    shari January 29th, 2007

    i would buy a 100 foot yaycht, live on the coast of thailand and smoke pot.

  45. Avatar for Evan
    Evan February 9th, 2007

    I would bank my money then live off the intrest. Most people dont realize how much you can actually make off the intrest alone. Say if you won 50 million and got a intrest rate of 10% then you would make $19000.00 per day. Thats crazy. So I would help as many people as i could, start a buisness, buy every exotic car there is and a huge house in florida so i could lay on the beach all day with not a care in the world.

  46. Avatar for The VA
    The VA February 20th, 2007

    To win the lottery would be such a fulfilment, there would be no worries about a job and the stressful life associated with one. Freedom of money will lend an opportunity to explore the world and gain more knowledge and insight into the environment and cultures people live by. My first action would be to give a portion of money to family and friends, especially to my parents whom I sometimes worry about, I would buy a nice house and design the whole interior. I'd spend my time reading books of subjects i'm interested in, learn to be multi-lingual then travel the world in seeing how I could help other people from less economically developed countries, making sure they have the basic needs to survive like food, shelter and warmth. I'd work closely with charities and help with their projects using manual labour if needed. The ultimate goal is to be happy by knowing that i've made a difference to other peoples lives with the use of the power of money in which this world has.

  47. Avatar for Mark
    Mark March 1st, 2007

    I would continue doing what I am doing now making my property environmentally friendly and creating a permaculture paradise for me and my family. Working on Art and Music. Only all of this in a bigger way. Start some businesses related to improving the environment and to the arts.
    I would NOT be donating to charities. Most charities stand for things I am blatantly against like over population and such. Nope not giving money to a charities so they can give it to people who are irresponsible in their breeding.
    The money can be best served improving my own life and making my little peice of the world evironmentally friendly. In the long run it will do more good for the Planet as a whole.
    Luckily my family is small so I wouldn't have to deal with a bunch of pests with their hands out either.

  48. Avatar for LENNY
    LENNY March 1st, 2007


  49. Avatar for Tim
    Tim March 8th, 2007

    Tell no one execpt my wife. Contact lawyer,CPA and Insurance agent. Finally get that will, change phone number.Max out credit cards on a 7 day cruise to have time to think.Collect winnings.Buy a few more guns, I always wanted a cannon or two. Set up a trust to provide emergency equipment (fire trucks,ambulance,Jaws Of Life) to poor counties and cities in the South. Build a few animal shelters for the Humane Society. NEVER work another day again. See the World.

  50. Avatar for Mima
    Mima March 14th, 2007

    Wasn't it Jesus that said the Love of money is the root of all evil? No not money but the love of money. To win is good because it is a blessing but being a good steward of that money is better. I read several articles that stated if you invest the money you spend on lottery tickets you can actually make more than if you played and never won. What are the chances of winning. Okay Okay.... I would live life like I live it now. Instead of teaching for money I would volunteer at schools since many of them do not have enough qualified teachers. I also agree with those that said if anyone came asking for money....I would have to so sorry no can do. You never know what is in that person's heart. I do like the recommendations done by the CFP. Good Luck to all of you and may you accomplish your dreams.

  51. Avatar for ravi sthankiya
    ravi sthankiya March 15th, 2007

    i would invest in the defense industry, and buy missles

  52. Avatar for kevin
    kevin March 19th, 2007

    What type of lawyer that deal with lottery winners. Do they have a name for what the lawyer do?

  53. Avatar for Samantha Aylor
    Samantha Aylor March 24th, 2007

    If I won the lottery, I would build me a house then I would take helicopter lessons. I would share it with my family and invest it in a business. buy a ship like a Winjammer. and sale around the world. living life to the fullest and loving it with my loving Husband by my side.

  54. Avatar for Tiffani
    Tiffani March 29th, 2007

    If I won the lottery, I would most deffinatly by my self a big beautiful house in the country side with lots of land, buy a Big SUV, a large pickup truck, and then a car. I would give each Parent 1 Million, I would then buy apartment complexes and rent out to people (more money coming in) , Each of my 6 brothers and sisters would have their college tuition paid for if and only if they actually go and are passing. Donate some to St. Judes, Then save the rest...I would still be working though b/c I cannot just quit working.

  55. Avatar for Elizabeth
    Elizabeth April 7th, 2007

    I woundn't change much about my life. Of course pay of debts. Give some money to close family members. Invest enough to live off and ensure financial security for a lifetime. I like the car I own and house I live in just fine. Here's the thing if I won a huge lottery like over 100 million I don't need all that money, no one does. I would set up a fund that would provide interest free loans to people in my community who are interested in using alternative energy in their homes. The initial investment for solar or wind power is more than most middle class people can manage. This way they pay monthly as they would have with traditional means. If you have something like this that you're passionate about it helps deal with people asking for money. You can say, actually I could use some more funds for my project, are you interested? I fully realize this would be challenging to implement, but it seriously irritates me that so many wealthy people spend so much of their money buying more stuff. Also I find it frustrating that the people who can afford to build an energy efficient home instead choose to spend the money on more square footage which takes more fossil fuels to heat.

  56. Avatar for Seasle/Crown Of Laurel
    Seasle/Crown Of Laurel April 7th, 2007

    I would buy all the Walmarts and stop them from taking over the world!
    (That was a joke...)
    I would give it to my parents (I don't have a choice, I'm 13) who would set up a fund thingy for me.
    I would see if they'd let me buy a laptop, which I'd really like, but other than that, I'd go with my mother's idea.
    I would start a company that loans people money so they can buy stuff that's slows down global warming (can't remember what it's called), and employ my 'friends'.
    I really don't have many friends.
    I would also try to let them send me to Chattanooga, Tennessee, to visit my friend that I haven't seen since we moved.
    After that...well, I don't know. But I do know I'd think about everything.
    Considering what I've read here, I think it'd be okay if I did win the lottery.
    I mean, the people who've posted here can't even spell! (or use proper grammer)
    ---Seasle/Crown Of Laurel

  57. Avatar for Garcy
    Garcy April 10th, 2007

    I would seek out a plan to make sure I never ever ever have to work under the thumb of corporate America ever again. I would go back to school to get the extra useful education I have long for.
    Materially I do have few wants. I would want to buy a new home, one that would use less energy. My current home would be fixed up and sold at a extra fair price to a good family.
    There are a few friends of mine who were maimed by corporate America and they would get some aid from me. Even though I despise Corporate America, I would leave my current job gracefully.
    I would probably buy my wife a new good used car even if I could afford to buy a new one. We would both feel that we would need to use the extra funds to help the less fortunate.

  58. Avatar for peter
    peter April 12th, 2007

    i know for sure that i will win the lottery Jackpot? How? well, first you need to have faith in the lord. i'm talking about Jesus Christ, our father, which most of you don't accept as your father. There is nothing impossible for him to do. In other words, there is nothing he couldn't do unless he doesn't want to do it. I see all People who are dreaming of winning the lottery but they can't win no matter how hard they tried. There can be a reason that those people don't win the lottery. Maybe god don't make them win for a reason. Many people who dreamed of winning the lottery always say something they can't keep. They made promises that they would give charity, help poor and buy friends house. But alot of them won't do it for sure if they win. here is my peace of advice for anyone reading this right now. First, do not think about winning the lottery to often because it can destroy your dream. If you thinking about winning the lottery so much, you would lose your interest and starting to fall down. Secondly, believe in god and pray each night before you go to bed and you will see how everything will go well for you. Third, do have to much ambition. If you see someone hit the jackpot, do not get jealous because it was their times. Lastly, if you make a promise, you have to keep your promise. because eventhough you win and if you don't do what you said you was going to do, your money will go badly. You will think that you have a bad luck as thing is bad for you. Good Luck ya all.

  59. Avatar for Amber
    Amber April 15th, 2007

    I think it is quite appalling to see the amount of "I would leave my wife, I would get a hotter woman, etc." I just love the general attitude of people nowadays. Who cares about anything else, as long as she is hot and easy. Wow.

  60. Avatar for crapface
    crapface April 23rd, 2007

    id never die cause id be to rich to die screw the rules i have money

  61. Avatar for David
    David April 26th, 2007

    When I hit the lotto, I would first buy nice new house, buy nice car and suv. Pay off my credit cards, student loan. I would also pay of my parent's house and give them $250,000. And I would buy my brother new house and give him some cash. And I would hire fiancial advisor and lawyer to invest my money. I would buy land, building, like shopping plaza for investment purpose. I would build or buy a new church for my church congregation. I would not change, my life style will change.

  62. Avatar for Sharon
    Sharon May 1st, 2007

    This website helped me with my homework thanks alot:)

  63. Avatar for Daniel
    Daniel May 6th, 2007

    if i won lottery i go to USA by flight and i buy a house and showroom with lots of powerful car but i earn alot of money.

  64. Avatar for Zane
    Zane May 12th, 2007

    The first thing I would do is, pay off all debts, for me and my son, then for all of my brothers and there families. I want to make sure that there is enough money set aside for my handicapped son, that he will never need any kind of other financial aid the rest of his life, after I am gone. I also want to move my small metal shop into a 10,000 square foot building, with heated floors, there I will continue to build my (DREAM) business bigger. I want to tell my place of employment this quote: After going over my finances I have discovered that I can no long be employed with you. So I am sorry to let you go!, then I want to see there expressions on there faces!!!. I also want to make sure that my Mother lives very comfortly the rest of her days. I would like to have a shrine built for my Father, for he was a good man, and his life taken early. I want all to remember him, and his family. His dreams was crushed early. Then I want to build a huge log cabin on about 100+ acres. It will have a huge living room, with very tall windows, surrounding a natural stone fireplace, with fire place tools that I made in my shop. It will have a secondary apartment closely built for Aids, and there families to live for my son. Will also be a big entainment room, with a 8 foot real slate pool table. So my friends could come over for a theraphy session once a week.......funny!
    I guess I even thought about making sure the church I go to would be maintained better, than it is now, set up a trust fund to take care of the churchs, and their cemetaries. I want to make sure that the local fire companies, have the most updated cloths and equipment. I will give to those that are less forunate, and try to make there life a little easier. I will always that God to for giving me the winning numbers.

  65. Avatar for Me
    Me May 15th, 2007

    I would do as many drugs as possible. Have sex with whores from around the globe and start everyday with a good stiff drink. I would have to hire a full time driver because I would be too smashed to get myself anywhere. Hire a butler to wash my clothes and cook my food.
    If I just had these things, life would be beautiful.

  66. Avatar for Kees Van Loo Macklin
    Kees Van Loo Macklin June 11th, 2007

    How small minded we are as we struggle in our little cages within the Matrix. How about taking the money and educating the people about the Federal Reserve banking system and what a complete sham it really is. How about buying billboard spots all across America, displaying the futility of "trying to get ahead", when ultimately the paper money is worthless and only they can create or shrink the value of it accordingly. Lets talk about the New World Order, RFID chips, loss of Sovereignty, and use those lottery winnings to unmask the people who really control this country and consequently the world. Its time to wake up... Its time to take the red pill...Only gold and silver is lawful money. All paper currencies eventually self-destruct. As for me, yes I would crusade across this country doing lectures for the people in an attempt to wake them up. At least until the Power Structure had me killed, which eventually would happen. The rest of my "PAPER MONEY" would be traded for gold and silver, just like the owners of the Fed do. Yes, the Rothschilds, Morgans, Rockefellers, Warburgs, etc. They ALL have substantial holdings in REAL money. They are not stupid. You shouldn't be either.

  67. Avatar for geevee
    geevee June 12th, 2007

    If I won the big one.......of course my husband would know , we would find a great attaoney and take it from there. We would tell no one of our good luck. Our children and grandchildren would be well taken care of but done in a way where they would know nothing of our luck.
    We have gone so long without so many things it would be easy for us.
    i am sure we wwould travel more often and stay longer.
    Ther are a couple of charietes that would hear from us. We would not like all the bother that comes to many that win, all the more reason to keep our business with us alone.
    It would be wonderful to win but life has been good to us. We atre healthy and love each other very much. It is almost forty years for us and would do it all over again the same way with the same struggles.
    Goog luck to all of us

  68. Avatar for Jessie
    Jessie June 20th, 2007

    When I win the Lottery I will qiut work and open a no-kill animal shelter. The rest of my life will stay the same as it has always been....... wonderful.

  69. Avatar for koko
    koko June 22nd, 2007

    hmmm I will buy all the thing that I hop to buy
    Thank you alot thats help me for my homework :)

  70. Avatar for HJDK
    HJDK July 1st, 2007

    When I win the lottery on July 7, 2007. I plan to pay off all of my bills and my husband's bills. I plan to donate at least 10-15% to charity and to my needy relatives. The remaining portion will be use to purchase some land to build a house. I would use at least 25%-50% as a down payment. Then, I would save at least 10%-20% and invest at least 10%-20%. The other 5% would be use to splurge a little and take a vacation.

  71. Avatar for F1A2B3I4A5N6
    F1A2B3I4A5N6 July 8th, 2007

    i would use the money to get the fuck out of the life i'm living in. and start somewhere new all by myself.

  72. Avatar for Rachelllllllll
    Rachelllllllll July 14th, 2007

    I'd pay off all my debts... which right now would be $1000 in credit card bills, and about $10,000 in school loans. I'd pay off both of my parents morgages, and give them a good amount of money. I give my sister something incredibly nice, since she has done so much for me, and if she decided to get married, i would make sure she would have the best wedding ever (even if shes not into that stuff).
    I would still drive my 96 grand am until it shit out on me. Ok.. maybe i would buy a souped up scion tc for the side... in lime green..
    I would live in a sweet three bedroom apartment in Boston, and let two of my closets (and now luckiest friends) live there rent free. Ok.. they can pay for the electric bill and maybe cable. I'd go to grad school there alsooo.
    If i had any extra money, i would buy a real popular club that a lot of doucebags go to, and stand at the door and make sure they werent let in.

  73. Avatar for Alison
    Alison July 15th, 2007

    With my lottery win of 8 million...i am giving my ex-husband a million....seeing our kids through university and giving a lot to charities such as stop cruelty to children and animals. My daughter is learning to drive so i am buying her a mini cooper. I really want my dad to stop working so this will be a great opportunity for him to stop.(hes stillis working but very part-time). I am paying off all my sisters and brothers mortgages, loans and credit cards. We are all looking forward to our nice get-together holiday and spending some quality time catching up. I'm in the process of buying a beautiful house with a turn-a-round drive........i am truly grateful for all this.

  74. Avatar for Scott
    Scott July 30th, 2007

    use it all on drugs. sell the drugs and be a lot richer..repeat steps until i get life in prison..buy a team of mercenaries to get me out... start it all over again with a stash that i put sumwhere.lol

  75. Avatar for K
    K July 31st, 2007

    If I won the lottery, I would hire a lawyer to help me decide how much I could spend and what I should invest.
    I would help family and a few close friends. I would give money to charities I am interested in. I would make sure everyone I loved had good health care insurance.
    I would dream of great things but keep my spending reasonable to make my money last a long time.

  76. Avatar for Bill
    Bill August 14th, 2007

    The thing I think about is if I won the lottery, then after like ten years I would get bored of travel and cocaine and charity, and the money would be getting relatively low, and I would probably want to do something with my life. The trick is to figure out what that is and then make that my career, even if I don't win the lottery. But I'll keep playing anyway as I work towards that goal.

  77. Avatar for Catherine
    Catherine August 21st, 2007

    If I won the lottery say 25 million-- I would keep it quiet for a while, while I figured out what I was going to do with the money. I would like to provide for family members. All my parents siblings and their children. My siblings and mother would get 1 million. My brothers children would get 500,000 in trust for them for when they are 21 years of age.
    I would buy a three bedrooom condo in Puerto Rico in Isle Verde -- something simple off the beach .Family members could use it to vacation. Maybe I would rent it out when i wasn't there. I also would buy a large condominium in New York. I would buy into a bldg that had a pool and fitness center in it.
    I have friends I grew up with that would be helped as well. One who is not talking to me now. If she still wanted to stew about whatever,then she wouldn't get a thing. Ofcourse she wouldnt know about the money first hand. I guess I am being petty. FOur friends would recieve 10 to 20 thousand.
    I wouldn't spend all the money...recklessly. I am a simple person and would just enjoy the luxury of being able to enjoy my life. I would be on a yearly budget, I don;t plan to be on the E channel and be one of the bad luck winners.
    I would set up some money in trust to help family members send their kids to college. I consider it a large responsibity to have my relatives to share in the lottery. After all what would be the fun if you could drink champagne and you had cousins who were struggling to keep a roof over their heads.
    Oh for me, I would have a large house-- condo and have more cats...yeah yeah I am single. All the animals would be adopted from shelters.
    Oh and one of the charites i would set up is to help poor families
    get vet care for their animals.
    Guess, all of this would be changed more or less according to the amount I won. GIve or take 5 million.

  78. Avatar for Rebe
    Rebe August 22nd, 2007

    Set up a blind trust, contact a Lawyer, CPA, and Financial Planner.
    Invest all the money. Use the interest to enjoy life and pay off all debts.
    Once all debt is paid off, quit job, travel with family, give money to family, friends, and charity.

  79. Avatar for Mazzielle
    Mazzielle August 25th, 2007

    if i won the lottery, first of all i would pay my school tution, buy a brand new car, and a house. And also since i'm engaged i will have the most beautiful wedding ever. Secondly i will pay off my mom's mortage, pay off my fiancee's parents mortage, and buy my fiancee a car as well. The rest of the money i will invest in real estate, open up some stores (i don't really know yet) for future generations.

  80. Avatar for Rsoby
    Rsoby August 28th, 2007

    I would make my brother dress up like a pirate for a whole month. If he went a month w/o telling ne1 why he was dressing like a pirate he would get the larger sum of money. If he spilled the beans then he would get the smaller amount. I would set up little games for everyone that I know.

  81. Avatar for Nubia
    Nubia August 29th, 2007

    After going through the stuff with the lawyer, finacial advisor and whatnot, I would:
    Buy my parents and my sister with her two kids a house(duh.). Not a over-the-top, fancy shmancy house. A nice, comfortable, beautiful house. Then:
    Get a place of my own.
    A car
    Go back to school and not worry bout the cost of books, etc. figure out my future from there. :D
    Maybe travel a bit
    Donate some to charity
    And the rest I'll save for the future.