I needed to create a temp table in SQL with a column that contained an incrementing integer, without making that column an identity.

For example, suppose I want to select record from a table of users, but add a column that contains an incrementing counter. The data in the table should look like so:

counter UserID Email
0 3432 BillBrasky@example.COM
1 7913 zoolander@example.com
2 8372 donaldduck@example.com

To start, I can run the following query to create the temp table:

SELECT counter = 0, * FROM Users INTO #tmp_Users

This creates a temp table named #tmp_Users where the column “counter” is set to 0 for each row.

In order to update the counter column so that each row has a counter value greater than the previous row, run the following statement.

DECLARE @counter int
SET @counter = 0
UPDATE #tmp_Users
SET @counter = counter = @counter + 1

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