Sidlined by injury and illness

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So I was off to a running start with my ambitious new goals of contributing to several open source projects and creating a blog worth reading. But as my wife so keenly pointed out, as soon as I get an inch better, I try to take it a yard.

You see, I’ve been going to Occupational Therapy and will soon get some Physical Therapy for my back and wrist problems related to RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury). Carpal Tunnel is a form of RSI, but it is not what I am afflicted with. I have ulnar neuritis with a dash of tendinitis and a sprinkle of cubital tunnel syndrom (carpal’s lesser known cousin from the Bronx) thrown in.

After reading Dare Obasanjo’s and Scott Watermasysk’s blogs, I was inspired to contribute to their respective open source projects. I started out with a mad flurry of documentation writing for RssBandit without taking frequent enough breaks. I know, bad move. My back and wrists have flared up and I’m in a bit of pain.

To add to my misery, I’ve caught a bad cold. Yippee Kiyay! Anyways. I’m going to turn things down a notch, but will try to write something worth reading every so often.

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  1. Avatar for Dare Obasanjo
    Dare Obasanjo February 11th, 2004

    Sorry to here about your ailments. Take it easy, nothings worth getting yourself sick over.

  2. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked February 11th, 2004

    Thanks. It's more a function of my personality than the results of a cost/benefits analysis. ;)