I thought this was a joke until I realized that it was on Yahoo news. Bush and Cheney say we attacked Iraq because Saddam COULD HAVE made weapons of mass destruction. “Could have”. Gee, well North Korea “could have” made WMDs. Should we attack them? How about India who DO have. Heck, with a bit of time, I think I have enough intelligence and skill to make a WMD. Should I expect an airstrike on my apartment sometime soon? I hope not, my wife would not be pleased.

This turnaround is particularly amusing because didn’t Bush and his cronies attempt to educate the country about the concept of “Imminent Threat”. Saddam posed an “Imminent Threat”. I don’t know about you, but “Could Have” does not seem so immiment to me. It’s like locking me up because I could have made a baseball bat and beat you down. Certainly I could, but it will take me time to find the right piece of oak.

washingtonpost.com - President Bush and Vice President Cheney yesterday said the war in Iraq was justified because Saddam Hussein could have made weapons of mass destruction.

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