Quiz Answer: Watch out for the Eeeevil Thread.Abort.

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Yesterday I posted a little quiz with an example of an HttpHandler implemented as an ASHX file.

Brad Wilson obviously knew the answer, but only gave a hint for others to elaborate on. BigJimSlade (no link given) expanded on the answer. ~~BigJim, I have a GMail account for you if you want one.~~

Calling HttpResponse.Redirect(string url) actually calls an overload HttpResponse.Redirect(string url, bool endResponse) with endResponse set to true. If endResponse is set to true, HttpResponse.Redirect will make a call to HttpResponse.End().

That method in turn calls Thread.CurrentThread.Abort(). Oh the depravity! Once again, Thread.Abort rears its ugly head.

So as you see, the code sample will ALWAYS redirect to /default.aspx because the HandleRedirect method throws a ThreadAbortException every time. To fix this, I merely need to change the HandleRedirect method to call ctx.Response.Redirect("/special.aspx", false);.

The fact that this week seems to be “Thread.Abort Week” isn't why I posted this quiz. I ran into this problem the other day in my carelessness. It’s a result of my old ASP 3.0 habits resurfacing after years of suppressing them. It took me a few minutes to realize why my code never made it to special.aspx.