At long last, the book that I worked on with Scott Hanselman, Rob Conery, and Scott Guthrie is in stock at

To commemorate the book being available, the two Scotts worked very hard to convert the free eBook of chapter 1 (the end-to-end walkthrough) from the PDF into a series of HTML articles.

This is a great series which walks through the construction of the NerdDinner website. It touches upon most of the day-to-day aspects of ASP.NET MVC that you’ll want to know. It’s a great way to start understanding how the pieces largely fit together.

The rest of the book is for those who want to drill deep into the details of how the framework works. We tried to pepper the book with notes and anecdotes from the product team in a style similar to the annotations in the Framework Design Guidelines book. If you’re looking for reasons not to buy the book, see Rob’s post.

extended-forehead-editionThe bad news is that despite our heroic efforts in which we cajoled, begged, and pleaded and rendered our clothes asunder, we were not able to convince our editors to produce a special platinum extended forehead edition of the book. I really thought we could we charge extra for the limited edition cover and make gangbusters. I’ll just post it here so you can see for yourself. Click on it for a larger view.