CC Share Alike License: For whatever reasons, I happen to be somewhat well endowed in the forehead region.  My wife (bless her heart) likes to refer my forehead as my Sandwich Compartment.

She jokes that I can keep a sandwich in there, maybe even a soda.  When she says this, she mimics the motion of opening up my forehead like a cooler and reaching in to grab a nice delicious sandwich.

A while ago we were talking about .NET bloggers in general because we just had dinner with Jeff Atwood.  I showed her Scott Hanselman’s blog as an example of a really really popular .NET blog.  She remarked,

Well he must be smart!  His forehead is even bigger than yours!

See for yourself with these comparison photos.

Ready for a picnic

I told this story to Scott today via Skype and he confided in me that someone once referred to his forehead as his fivehead.

If I had been drinking a Coke at that point, it would have been snorted all over my keyboard.  Many thanks to Scott for allowing me to share this story, albeit grudgingly. ;)