Work on Subtext 1.9 is progressing well with more and more contributors chipping in. No firm release date yet, but hopefully soon.  The latest builds are pretty stable, but there a few more minor bug fixes to get in there. Also we plan to implement the MetaWeblog API newMediaObject method in order to better support Windows Live Writer.

If you like to live dangerously, you can download one of the latest builds and give it a twirl.  Please note that link is running off of a VMWare Server within a Shuttle box in my office/guest room. So if we have guests, that link is going down for the night.

Of course, should you find a bug, you know the drill.

In the meanwhile, you can track our status by checking out our CruiseControl.NET statistics page.  As you can see, our code coverage from unit tests is steadily climbing, currently at 34%.  There are 23584 lines of code with 1367 FxCop warnings.