Using NDoc I’ve generated an update version of the CHM code documentation for RSS Bandit. As you’ll see (if you take a look) this documentation is by no means complete. Many of the public methods need better documentation. Also, there are no Namespace summaries yet. I plan to spend some time adding these summaries and some higher level API documentation.

This documentation is intended for interested developers and is meant to supplement the existing documentation at the RSS Bandit documentation website.

Included in the documentation are three main components: RSSBandit.exe, NewsComponents.dll, and RSSBandit.UnitTests.dll.

RSSBandit.exe is the main application code. The documentation here covers all the Forms in use etc.

NewsComponents.dll contains all the classes used to fetch and parse RSS feeds as well as NNTP. Much of core logic is contained in this assembly.

RssBandit.UnitTest.dll I included the documentation of this assembly so that you can read what unit tests we currently have (and thus infer the many we are missing). The great thing about unit tests is that many of them are demonstrations of how to use the API (when correctly written which I can’t yet vouch for my own) ;)