My First IronRuby Unit Test Spec For ASP.NET MVC

Way down the road, it would be nice to be able to build ASP.NET MVC applications using a DLR language such as IronRuby. However, enabling DLR language support isn’t free.

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Interview With Brad Wilson On Microsoft And Open Source

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There’s a great interview on the How Software is Built blog with Brad Wilson, a developer in Microsoft’s OfficeLabs team, but probably better known for his work on, CodePlex, and ObjectBuilder.

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Subtext Awakens From Its Slumber

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Subtext Submarine
LogoIt’s been all quiet on the Subtext front for a while. While I think many open source projects face the occasional lull, Subtext was hit by a Perfect Storm of inactivity.

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You've Been Haacked No Longer

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UPDATE: This was an April Fool’s joke. I actually stated this in the bottom of the original post, but in a very small font, which some people noticed. :)

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LazyCoder Last Minute Geek Dinner This Wednesday

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LazyCoder (aka Scott Koon) is organizing a little drinky drink this Wednesday around 6:00 PM-ish at The Three Lions Pub. This is just an informal gathering, not the huge production like the Hanselman Geek Dinner which requires eating at a mall food court because some three hundred plus geeks show up. (Did you know his last geek dinner was covered by theSeattle Times online?).

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Comparing Moq to Rhino Mocks

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UPDATE: I should have entitled this “Comparing Rhino Mocks and MoQ for State Based Testing”. I tend to prefer state-based testing over interaction based testing except in the few cases where it is absolutely necessary or makes the test much cleaner. When it is necessary, it is nice to have interaction based testing available. So my comparison is incomplete as I didn’t compare interaction based testing between the two frameworks.

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Is Pizza Brain Food?

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My family and I recently moved into our new home after a two month stay in temporary housing. One of the perks of moving is when your stuff is delivered from storage, it feels like Christmas again. “Oooh! Look at all the boxes I get to unwrap. Hey! I have a Stereo just like this one!”.

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A Few Notes About The MVC CodePlex Source Code Release

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Whew! I’ve held off writing about MVC until I could write a non-MVC post in response to some constructive criticism (It’s not just Sean, Jeff mentioned something to me as well). Now that I’ve posted that, perhaps I’ve bought myself a few MVC related posts in a row before the goodwill runs dry and I have to write something decidedly not MVC related again. ;)

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ASP.NET Routing Debugger

UPDATE: I’ve added a NuGet package named “routedebugger” to the NuGet feed, which will make it much easier to install.

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Using Routing With WebForms

UPDATE: I updated the sample to work with the final version of ASP.NET Routing included with ASP.NET 3.5 SP1. This sample is now being hosted on CodePlex.

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Thoughts on ASP.NET MVC Preview 2 and Beyond

At this year’s Mix conference, we announced the availability of the second preview for ASP.NET MVC which you can download from here. Videos highlighting MVC are also available.

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Back From Mix Back To Reality

You don’t so much return from Las Vegas as you recover from Las Vegas.

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The Cost Of Breaking Changes

broken-glass One interesting response to my series on versioning of interfaces and abstract base classes is the one in which someone suggested that we should go ahead and break their code from version to version. They’re fine in requiring a recompile when upgrading.

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Versioning Issues With Abstract Base Classes and Interfaces

Eilon Lipton recently wrote a bit about context objects in ASP.NET MVC and in an “Oh by the way” moment, tossed out the fact that we changed the IHttpContext interface to the HttpContextBase abstract base class (ABC for short).

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Abstract Base Classes Have Versioning Problems Too

This is part 2 in an ongoing series in which I talk about various design and versioning issues as they relate to Abstract Base Classes (ABC), Interfaces, and Framework design. In part 1 I discussed some ways in which ABCs are more resilient to versioning than interfaces. I haven’t covered the full story yet and will address some great points raised in the comments.

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By the way my blogging frequency has declined, you can guess I’ve been quite busy here at Microsoft preparing for the next release of ASP.NET MVC.

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Blocking Direct Access To Views in ASP.NET MVC

UPDATE: I improved this based on some feedback in my comments.

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Tell Me Your Unit Testing Pains

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If you know me, you know I go through great pains to write automated unit tests for my code. Some might even call me anal about it. Those people know me too well.

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So A Model, A View, and a Controller Walk Into a Bar

At the risk of embarrassing myself and eliciting more groans, I am going to share a joke I made up for my Code Camp talk. I was inspired to come up with some humor based on Jeff’s Sesame Street Presentation Rule post. I fully understand his post was addressing something deeper than simply telling a gratuitous joke in the presentation.

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Come Work With Me And Other Great People

The ASP.NET and Silverlight team are hiring! Brad Abrams (who happens to be my “grand-boss” as in my boss’s boss) posted a developers wanted ad on his blog:

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